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Cryolipolysis Machine Double handle 360 degree
Cryolipolysis Machine Double handle 360 degree
Product Description

Cryolipolysis Machine double handle 360 degree cooling best effect  

Machine handle equiped with 4 cooling pads to ensure 360 degree cooling effect . suction cup made of curve softing material , have comfortable experience when do treatment . suction cup size big one for belly , waist fat removal , middle size for thighs fat removal , back fat removal .

Adopt simultaneous and independent technology to ensure handle can be worked together or only one . 

Power supply : Taiwan Meanwell powet supply which is stablest in china . 

Anti-rust copper water radiator to ensure heat dispatching . 

Steel water tank for no water leaking , 5.4L for better cooling .

Vacuum pressure : 10-90Kpa adjustable , usually from the lowest .

Treatment time adjust from 10-60 minutes  

 Voltage :110V/220V 

ABS material cover , high quality . 

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