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Cryolipolysis Machine with two handles
Cryolipolysis Machine with two handles Cryolipolysis Machine with two handles
Product Description

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine double handles for salon and beauty center 

Brand : Yuemeitech

Function : weight loss , skin tighting , firming skin 

Application: salon , beauty center , spa 

Handles : double cryo handles available which is digital , large size for belly , waist slimming , middle handle for arm , thigh , two handles can be worked together or lonely .

Power supply : 1200W MeanWell power supply from TaiWan

Water tank : 4.5L tank for better cooling .

Air pump : 2 units available

Cryotherapy temperature can be setted from +5 degree to -10 degree .

Treating time adjustable from 10-60 minutes 

Soft silicone medical material used for comfortable treatment , no pain .

Machine cooling : water cooling , wind cooling , air cooling . 

Machine cover : medical eco-friendly ABS material 

Emergency stop button available for safety . 

Cooling liquid : pure water only for better water circulating . 

Inner machine structure : steel structure for good quality of machine . 

Anti-freezing membrane : 10 units big size or small size available for protecting skin , anti-frostbite. 

Screen : 8.4 inch color screen touchable . 

Voltage : 110V/220V available .

Plug : any type you need .

Language : English or others . 

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